Japan’s Nasu Dake Mountain (那須岳)


July 14 record high seismic activity, were 14 earthquakes. Dunging burner portion comprises a cluster of N-P volcanic rock and the dome of the Kanto Plain, the N-terminal. You can write NSW volcano back at least 35 years. The minimum dome Chausu-dake, the late Holocene, since the end of the 14th century, before the worst epidemic in history igniting an explosive event.

hiking mount nasu dake

Hiking the Nasu Dake Mountain

Nasu mountains of active Tochigi and Fukushima prefectures border. Popular with families and school trips, mountain hut and attractive scenery and Spa child!

Tourism: The parking out money earned your USB hard drive to the top, or very light, well-maintained roads. I chose to walk! Remove the bitumen road in a few minutes, and the trail will be closed to branch left. the trail is easy to follow, and I had a total of 80 children in elementary school all the way back! This trail is actually more than one way to climb the beginning. After approximately 40 minutes, you can attack the central bank and emergency care will be better to wait a bit. Where the travel event you decide to blow his nose, the lodge hut was officially banned (you’d be better for the Spa was a little like home.) If you get short, and hung up along the left Camellia and mortar (chausu Yue). There are a lot of ink mark, so it is difficult to get lost, and the way in about 20 minutes, will meet another USB car. This route could fall short days of emergency, very busy on weekends, quick walk around the reef. If you have back here, rather relax enter his head away crowd Asahiyama (Asahi Yue). This is very rocky, at this stage, be careful with ice in the winter. You have to stay on top of Mount Asahi about 40 minutes, and chausu mountain ravine tremendous attitude. Asahi mountain from the highway only estimular cottage, so if you have your head after returning to the main axis. Leave the area, the head even farther sand chausu crowd. The purpose of the mountain called Mount Sanbonyari top official (Mount Yari three). It should reach its peak from Asahi Mountains about an hour. Along the way, you need to find the left arm and the other in the right way. While ignore. If you follow the signs Sanbonyari be angry. About half will die Marsh where large areas are small. If you give it a peak lunchtime break to enjoy the scenery. Only the most hard Walkers do it, this time, it would be a mess of mud Camellia welcome change. Climax, and then the heel all the way back to the parking lot! So many lines sekgoqetsane. But, if you want to see the Spa cabin, then go back to do before Asahiyama right. In fact, I have never done this trail, but the man insisted that it was important to wander. Unfortunately, you can live in Spa cabin. Check this (Japanese) for more information.

Nasu Dake in Autumn

If you go: This trip can be done year-round, but a little preparation for winter snow-filled. Spa cabin is open from April to December.

There, Ueno Station in Tokyo to catch the Shinkansen Koriyama notch or train station down the house kuroiso (Black Angeles Eki). The local trains almost three hours, but the cost is lower to 3,000 pm. If you take the Shinkansen, you must enter Nasushiobara (Nasu Salt basic Eki) and moved to catch trains to the local black Angeles. Rocky from black, long bus Nasudake Piedmont (Nasu mountain tribes) and down there. the bus takes about an hour.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5 stars (537 meters above sea level changes)


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